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Jessica Hershberger


I have been in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis since 2019 and joined Basics NW in February of 2020. I have loved everything about my career working with families and children with autism. Helping our clients build social, communication, and independent living skills that have changed their lives in such positive ways is what made me want to pursue my BCBA. As a mom with a 9-year old daughter on the spectrum, I also use ABA principles in so many ways in my daily life and know first-hand how much it can help with the challenges we face every day. Outside of work I also enjoy going to parks with my dogs, reading, and spending time with my family. I look forward to many years of learning and growing in the field as a behavior analyst and continuing to help our clients reach all their goals.

Job Title

Clinical Supervisor - BCBA, LBA

Bachelor of Science (Sociology, Human Development), Oregon State University
Master of Education (Applied Behavior Analysis), University of Washington


Service Areas:

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