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Onboarding Steps

Step 1

The first step in the process to receiving ABA services from BASICS NW is to complete the online intake form that is furnished to a prospective client via email from one of our Care Coordinators. Once that has been completed, and we have received a copy of the required diagnostic evaluation and prescription for ABA (commercial plans) or a copy of the prescription letter for ABA from a Center of Excellence (Washington Medicaid plans), we will verify coverage with your insurance plan. Once verified, you will be added to the regional queue and furnished an estimated timeframe as to when services will be initiated. Daytime availability wait times are much less than exclusively having after-school availability.

Verify Information

Step 2

At the point we have availability and you are next in the regional queue, the Clinical Director will reach out to schedule the family orientation to ensure treatment expectations are clear for everyone. Once the orientation is completed, the Clinical Director will assign a Clinical Supervisor to your case. The Clinical Supervisor will meet with you and an assessment and corresponding treatment plan will be completed in no more than 30 days from the date you completed your orientation. The Clinical Supervisor will meet with you once the plan has been drafted to review and your consent to implement the plan is required prior to the onset of treatment.

Meet & Assess

Step 3

Once the Clinical Supervisor, client and/or guardian(s), and the assigned Certified Behavior Technician have all read, understood, and agreed to the treatment plan implementation, the signed and consented to treatment plan is submitted to the insurance payor for authorization for ABA services. Authorizations are typically approved for 6-month intervals, but this can vary by payor. Once the plan has been approved and authorized by the funding source (usually anywhere between 1-10 days), treatment may commence.

Begin Services

BASICS NW currently operates five clinics in Washington, in the communities of Cosmopolis, Lacey, Puyallup, Raymond, Longview, and Centralia, and serves families in seven counties. Since our founding, we’ve served more than 1,000 kids. We work with roughly 100 clients at any given time. We are consistently striving to improve access to services and resources for children and families who are impacted by autism.

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